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Discover your greatest potential both physically and mentally

Our Mission

Our mission at Vigorate Training & Fitness is to maximize your performance in the gym and in everyday life. We take a holistic approach when it comes to your health and well-being. Training the body with a well-balanced diet and exercise program can do wonders for physical performance and mental health. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, through years of education and experience. Do you have aches, pains, and nagging injuries? We specialize in movement therapy, which will get you moving right and feeling great. Get a program and a coach that will lead you directly to your goals. Let us help you become healthier, stronger, and develop greater resistance to injuries.


Gym Equipment

Everything is Connected

If muscles are imbalanced, meaning they are tighter and/or stronger on one side, they will have an influence on the whole rest of the body. Many people do not realize that they are walking around with imbalances that are causing them to compensate joint positioning somewhere. This compensation can cause excess stress and compression to joints, inhibit muscles like the glutes, and/or cause joint laxity. All this makes someone very susceptible to something hurting or getting injured.


Getting our clients back to center is the first step for anyone with large imbalances. As movement specialists, we help our clients get back in alignment through breathing and neuromuscular activation drills along with mobility work. We help our clients stay in alignment and get stronger through individualized, evidenced-based exercise programs that focus on functional strength and stability. 

Check out what some of our clients are saying...


“Emily has been absolutely fantastic with keeping me training and working hard as a bodybuilder and automotive technician/business owner. Her knowledge and techniques outweight anyone else I have tried in my 10+ years training. I have chronic issues with my shoulder and knees and graston work and PT with Emily always get me back on track. ”

— Matt Collins

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